HeadsOur mortgage advice process

Step 1 – Initial Meeting

Get to know you, your expectations, your preferred form and time of communication. Then we will discuss our  mortgage advice process,  expectations and the level of service we offer. If you are happy to proceed to step 2 you will be sent a list of documents you will be required to compile about your current financial  situation.

Step 2 –Understanding your needs

Listen and understand your needs, goals and aspirations. We would also discuss your current financial situation including income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Use the Budget Planner to get a better understanding of your current situation.

Step 3 – Research (Behind the scenes)

We research the market for possible solutions for your situation and, if required, will discuss these with your other advisors, such as accountants and financial planners, to ensure that our solutions fit in with your overall financial plan

Step 4 – Recommendation

We present our recommendations and discuss in detail how these meet your needs. We also go through your options and advise on things to look out for in each case and make any changes as required by you.

Step 5 – Implementation

Navigating through the paper work can be overwhelming – with Santi Finance you can be confident that we implement the agreed recommendations and manage them through the loan application process. We keep you updated on the progress of your loan right through to settlement.

Step 6 – Settlement/Exchange

We liaise with all relevant parties to ensure a smooth settlement process. You can be confident in knowing that all facets of your loan application are being managed with the utmost care and detail, whilst being kept fully informed of each stage of the process.

Step 7 – Ongoing Review

We will keep you up to date with changes in the marketplace and send you news which could impact your mortgage over time through the different stages of your life. We review your changing circumstances to ensure the structure is still relevant and fits with your overall investment strategy.

When you become part of the Santi Finance family you gain peace of mind that we are always there when you need mortgage advice.

Please note that sometimes these steps may overlap.

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