What is a Deposit Bond?

  • This is an insurance policy where the documents tell the vendor that the insurance company will pay the 10% deposit to the vendor in any of the circumstances where the deposit would ordinarily be forfeited by the vendor – confusing sentence..
  • You might be looking to purchase “off the plan” where your savings continue to earn interest while your property is being completed.
  • The dangers of using it what is supposed to be written here?

What is Bridging Finance?

This helps you purchase your new home while your current property sells and go through the process.

Review your current mortgage situation

  • Your current structure /repayments
  • Debt consolidation
  • Potential to draw out equity

What is a Commercial Loan?

  • Advice on purchasing commercial and industrial property
  • Construction and development loan

What is Leasing and Equipment Finance?

  • Advice on business equipment leasing and finance can include items such as cars, vans, trucks, earthmoving equipment, medical and manufacturing equipment, office fit-outs including furniture and computer equipment.
  • There are a few different types of leases available on the market and to determine which one meets your needs

What are Low Doc Loans?

  • Entering the market can be hard especially if you’re self-employed, with or without tax returns? If you can establish your income with BAS returns and bank statements then this finance option could enable you to purchase the property and get you on the ladder.